What to Expect From the Upcoming Money20/20 Conference

banklinq on 2023-06-02

An international Fintech Conference Money 20/20 is taking place in Amsterdam from June 6-8 and here is what you need to know about the event’s agenda.

The Money 20/20 Europe Conference is a leading global finance event that brings together experts, innovators, and thought leaders in Fintech and financial services to network, learn, and discuss the latest trends, innovations, and challenges affecting the industry. Topics covered at this year’s conference include digital wallets, mobile payments, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and more. Here are some highlights that you can expect at this year’s conference.

Open Banking Around the Globe

Open banking continues to sweep through the financial world, having come into wider adoption over the last five years, especially in Emerging and Fast-Growing Markets. Experts at Money 20/20 will shed light on how recent innovations in open banking are radically changing the financial services landscape, making banking and payments more convenient for the customer and more secure for everyone. Experts will also address some of the major challenges that persist in regard to the wider adoption of open banking, including key issues like security, consumer confidence, and the standardization of APIs. 

Artificial Intelligence

 One of the most dynamic developments in Fintech over the last year has been the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the financial services sector. More than just chatbots and digital assistants, AI has begun to be incorporated behind-the-scenes for such purposes as fraud detection  and prevention, personalized financial advice, and even investment management.

Experts speaking at the conference will illuminate the state of AI in Fintech, highlight the current trends, and forecast what they see as its next big developments, particularly regarding the place of generative AI in the financial world. Another key topic that will be addressed in depth over the course of the conference is responsible use of AI, including insights into matters of inclusion, algorithmic bias, and building customer trust.

Payment Solutions

There have been some major innovations in the payments ecosystem over the last few years, with more to come in the near future. Experts at Money 20/20 will address recent trends in authentication strategy and fraud detection and offer their predictions about promising developments, particularly those related to account-to-account (A2A) payments and the European Payments Initiative (EPI).

Cross-border payments, and even borderless payments, will be a major subject of discussion as well, given the considerable complexities involved therein, many yet to be worked out between banks, payment service providers, and fintechs. Inclusivity and sustainability are also emerging as key ideas in the payments domain, with talks on these exciting topics sure to draw crowds and spur discussion.

Digital Currencies

While digital currencies have faced some challenges concerning regulation and security, there is no doubt about their continued popularity and their incredible potential in an increasingly digital world. There is still much to understand about the place of digital currencies in the payment landscape and how they could influence the way people conduct business. The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the digitization of government-issued money will be two more major topics of discussion in this domain, as potential solutions to cheaper and simpler cross-border payments.

The Nikulipe team, including CEO Frank Breuss, are excited to be on hand at this year’s conference. With their expertise on local payment methods in Emerging and Fast-growing markets, they are eager to discuss all the above topics, but especially Open Banking, e-commerce, and the future of payment infrastructures.