Finance Magazine Feature: Untapping the Potential of Fast-Growing and Emerging Markets

banklinq on 2023-04-07

Nikulipe was recently featured in the Showcase section of Finance Magazine for its innovative work in Fast-Growing and Emerging markets. The company was highlighted for its vision to make local payment methods more accessible to global payment service providers and their merchants, thus creating new opportunities for millions of people by connecting them to the global economy.

Founded by payments experts with direct expertise in payment technology and local payment solutions, Nikulipe offers solutions that enable businesses to accept and process payments through a range of local payment methods, including mobile money, digital wallets, and bank transfers. By doing so, Nikulipe helps businesses to reach customers who prefer to use local payment methods rather than traditional credit cards or cash. The article explains how Nikulipe’s solution is particularly relevant in emerging markets, where many people lack access to traditional banking services and rely on informal financial systems. The article concludes by highlighting Nikulipe’s potential to drive financial inclusion in emerging markets and create opportunities for economic growth.

Read the showcase here